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Viking Know How Classes

All machines come with know how classes. These classes are designed to help you learn your machine. You are welcome to attend the know how classes as many times as you need.

Please call us to schedule your first one on one class. 

Designer Epic- We are still currently designing these classes. 

Diamond Royale – 3 classes;  class 1 – Embroidery,  class 2 – Sewing, class 3 – Design Positioning, 
Ruby Royale – 3 classes; class 1 – Embroidery, class 2 – sewing, class 3 – design positioning
Topaz Series – 2 classes; class 1 – embroidery, class 2 – sewing
Sapphire & Opal Series – 1 Sewing class
Sergers – 2 classes ; class 1 – threading for 4 thread and 3-thread rolled hem, class 2 – threading for cover stitch and for the S-25 (5 thread)

We now offer an overall Intro to Embroidery Class.

For our schedule please sign up for our newsletter emails or give us a call at 843-225-3958 or check our classes page.