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The Perfect Fitting Bodice

Have you ever bought a commercial pattern, assembled your size and then realized you need to
make adjustments to achieve the perfect fit?

You are not alone! All of our bodies are beautiful and different. This advanced class will help each
student create a custom Body Blueprint of their torso. The individual Body Blueprint will be used to
make future adjustments to commercial patterns for shirts and dresses. Whether you have a full bust,
broad shoulders, narrow shoulders, a full bum, whatever! You will learn the steps needed to alter the
paper pattern to achieve the perfect fit.
(4) Classes (2 hours each)
1. Mapping out your own body measurements.
2. Drafting a personalized sheath pattern.
3. Sewing a muslin sheath to test your perfect fit.
4. Practice altering a commercial pattern to achieve the perfect fit.
◦ Grading between sizes.
◦ Adjusting for a full bust.
◦ Adjusting for full or narrow shoulders.
◦ Adjusting for long or short torso length.
◦ Adjusting the armcye.
◦ Adjusting for a sway back.

1. Clear ruler
2. French curve rulers for pattern drafting
3. Paper scissors
4. Fabric shears
5. Straight pins
6. Fabric marking utensil (Tailors chalk or invisible ink)
7. Soft tape measure
8. Muslin * Will be provided
9. Paper for patterns * Will be provided
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Heather Johnson

The Perfect Fitting Bodice

$ 100.00