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7- Kids Classes

Open to children ages 10 and up. This is ideal for fifth grade and up. Fabric and patterns will be provided in the cost of the class. Students will use a provided material for projects, and they will get to pick out the fabric. The notions will be bought separate. All students must have a pair of sewing scissors purchased at Five Eighth Seams or approved by the instructor. They will NOT have a finished project each week. Please let the instructor know if you plan on continuing class for another round before projects are picked. This class is designed to do more detailed projects. Please double check the dates and times of your class. Please plan to drop off and pick up your child according to the times listed.

Cost: $ 130.00

Private Parties

Get everyone together and have a fun night sewing! – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

4-8 people – 2 hours – $40 a person

*included fabric and supplies to make a zipper pouch
This is not like a private lesson. These are set up for people that just want to have a fun night sewing. Most cutting and directions are done for them by instructors. 

No experience needed. Invite friends, co-workers, family or neighbors. We will provide machines unless you have your own. BYOB- bring beverages and snacks for a fun social night at Five Eighth Seams

Private Lessons

1 on 1 private   $50/ hour 
semi  private  (2-3 people) $35/ hour per person
If you have a group 4 or more, it will be treated like a class and $12.50  per person per hour.  Classes that are lecture heavy and not projects like Just the basics is $15 an hour.  Private lessons are different then private parties as they do not provide fabric or materials for the lesson.